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Have I told you how amazing my Grandma is at cooking?! Every time she cooks for me, I swear I gain 5 pounds. It’s just too delicious.

During the past summer, she taught me how to make dumplings at home! Now, I can make it rather than going out to buy a pack of ~50 dumplings for $10. Not only does it save money, but it just has more stuffings inside than the regular ones you can buy outside! It actually doesn’t take long to put all the things together.

As you can see, the filling is with pork, green onions, mushrooms, shrimp, and siu choy. That’s all you need! Of course, you can add more things to it if you wish.

You simply make the filling first, and then all you do it wrap it up! Easy as pie! I’m not going to lie, but I always have tons of fun wrapping the dumplings. I always try to make it as nice as possible, so that always takes me a while. I loved it so much to the point where I told my Grandma that I wouldn’t make making thousands of these to sell. She then said, “It would take you hours on end to finish making them at the speed -you- go!”. I agree. But hey, it’s fun when you’re wrapping and watching TV at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking!

With these dumplings, I usually pan fry them, which I think tastes better than just boiling them in water! But of course, you could do both if you wished.

::Pork Chop Rice:: Okay, that’s not really it’s English name, I only know the Chinese name sorry! Anyways, the picture may not do it justice, but it actually wasn’t too bad. Definitely not as good as the ones out there in the Chinese restaurants of course. But anyways, here’s a picture of it first!

I only put one side with cheese because my dad actually doesn’t eat cheese. But let me tell you, cheese is the best when it’s melted and makes it extra savory!

This time around, I didn’t make enough sauce, but I had just enough to lay it on top.

In terms of cooking, I think I’m kind of like my dad since it took me almost 2 hours to make/prepare it, but very worth it!




::Chicken & Eggplant Yellow Curry:: 

I came home today from work to find my brother watching “Best Recipes” on CBC (since that is what he occasionally watches when he wakes up… which to add, is at 2 PM). Anyways, today’s episode introduced a simple chicken and eggplant curry, and it occurred to me that my mom had recently bought eggplant (because I love it!). I just had to find the chicken. I only found the chicken legs with the drumstick attached to it, so I reluctantly skinned them and cut off the meat. Let me tell you this: use actual chicken breast rather than doing what I did because it took -a lot- of effort and work to get very minimal meat off just one chicken leg.

Here’s the website for the recipe if you are a curry fan just like me! I used yellow curry instead of red, but you can use whichever color curry paste you wish!


In the end though, the one can of coconut milk won’t make it as spicy because it is quite watery. Initially for me though, it was way too much water, so I just let it simmer for about 15 minutes to let some of it evaporate. If you do not wish to do that, you could simply add a little cornstarch and water to make the sauce thicker without losing the taste. If you guys ever try it, let me know how it goes for you guys! I’ve never tried adding eggplant to my curry before, but after this, I must do it again! If only I had coconut rice to accompany my tasteful thai curry tonight!


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