Because last time we made gingerbread cookies, we decided to go out of our comfort zone and try to make macarons this time around! We found an “almost foolproof recipe” and in conjunction, used another recipe from another website. We quickly skimmed through the recipe, and we didn’t think it was too hard. Oh, were we wrong. Okay, it wasn’t necessarily hard per se, but it definitely was not ‘almost foolproof’ for us at least. The first batch was cooked for too long, so it came out blanched whereas the other patches remained pink. They looked alright, although 99% of the time they were cracked. Only maybe 2% of them formed those little feet, but I’m pretty sure they were a fluke. Anyways, when we tried them out, it was overly sweet (because the recipe we used called for syrup). But other than that, we were pretty surprised we even managed to make it. I was pretty sad to find out the next day that the macarons had literally collapsed on themselves because they were so hollow inside! They were literally fragile to the touch.

Perhaps we need to practice more and put some deep thinking into this before we try it again!

::Fruit Tarts::

This post is on featured on my home page so please go check it out! =)

::Chocolate Almond Torte:: 

This is also featured on my home page! It is a definite must try because it’s not made of any flour but simply grounded almond slices!


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